70. Happy Fat Tuesday!

(Help! I

My adorable little cousin, Kenzie, has decided to sleep with beads instead of blankets this Fat Tuesday. Hey, can you blame the girl? She lives in New Orleans!

I wonder where all of the Mardi Gras beads go after the parades and festivities are over? Can’t you just picture them all hanging out somewhere talking about their experiences?

A PILE of pink, green, and blue beads lay on the side of Bourbon St. in New Orleans. They’re not quite as shiny as they were a week ago.

Pink Beads

Dude, I got tossed around all night. I think my head is still spinning.

Green Beads

Whatever, at least you didn’t get barfed on. That sucked.

Blue Beads

Oh quit complaining, Greenie. At least you woke up on Bourbon St. I got packed in someone’s suitcase and ended up in Utah. It took me forever to get back here!


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