53. What if James Earl Jones was the voice over for Barbie?

Ok, so that would never happen.  I think little girls everywhere would cry and run to their mommies.  But what a voice!

Little girls identify with other little girls.  So why not hire a grown woman that sounds like a little girl?  That’s exactly what Minneapolis-based agency Peterson Milla Hooks did for their “See What Happens When You Play with Barbie” campaign.  The 30 second spot is a girl’s dreamland with pink coated everything, glitter, and plenty of cool clothes and shoes to try on for hours.

In the same way Grey Poupon uses British voice over talent (even though the actor is Canadian) to seem more high-class and Kaiser Permanente uses actress Allison Janney’s voice to seem more welcoming, Mattel uses a child-like voice over to appeal to the young demographic.  I wonder if agencies thought about this when commercials first came out?  Did they take into account the way copy was pronounced or was it more about the words on the page?

I’m still on board with the idea of JEJ.  Even his initials are cool.

(I got to meet JEJ back in 2007. Such an adorable man!)


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