49. Scorpion Beer, Official Sponsor of Casa de mi Padre


I can’t wait for Casa de mi Padre to come out in a few weeks.  The spaghetti Western stars Will Ferrell (did you know his first name is really John?), Gael Garcia Bernal (the most beautiful man in the world), and Diego Luna (who knew he got his start as a child novela star in Mexico?) and it’s entirely in Spanish.  I’m already laughing at the idea of subtitles.  I was fortunate enough to meet and interview Matt Piedmont, the director of the film, and he promises it won’t disappoint.  How can it when there’s a fake beer sponsoring such a hilarious concept?  Check it out and go see the film on March 16th!

Here’s a look back at the classic Landlord sketch that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay created a few years back.  Since its debut in 2007, it’s been viewed more than 77 million times.  Now that Madonna is “reinventing herself again,” I have a good reason to revisit it.  This video is such a gem.

Will Ferrell meets his landlord.


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