24. Funny Twitterettes…

(credit: huffingtonpost.com)

According to the Huffington Post, these are the 18 funniest women on Twitter right now.  I think it’s funny they picked 18 and not a cool 20.  They probably had a focus group on why “18” is the funniest number right now.


A GROUP of numbers sit inside a conference room at AOL Corporate, nervously waiting.  The number ones look the most confident.  A MAN with thick black glasses enters the room.


Ok, our focus groups are showing that one certain number is really trending right now.  We’re gonna go with



The eighteens break out in applause and awkwardly try to hug each other.  Numbers two through twenty look down in disappointment while the number ones roll their eyes and walk out of the room yelling “We’re number one!  We’re number one!”


So, here you go.  The 18 funniest Twitterettes trending as we speak:

18 Funny Women You Should Be Following

But are they funny in real life?

Probably.  Check them out!


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