5. And on the 8th day God created Tebow

(credit: adage.com)

A year ago I didn’t know who Tim Tebow was.  Today I can’t go online, watch tv, or run into someone who isn’t chanting his name.  It appears the media is getting in on the Tebow craze and his followers (and non-followers) are proving that he is paving the way to becoming the next $10 million man.  He’s a celebrated football player and athlete, his religion keeps him grounded (he not only prays both on and off the field but he has proudly declared that he is a 24 year-old virgin), he appeals to both men and women (and brands are noticing, see Jockey ad above), and he appears to be an all around nice guy (probably doesn’t hurt that he’s the youngest of 5 boys).  No matter what you think, Tim Tebow is definitely having the year of his life.  Now, here’s some media and polls to prove it:

(credit: adage.com)


Tim Tebow: Everything in Between Interview & Production Outtakes from FCTN on Vimeo.



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