1. Today I wanted to be a tree…

Mainly because it seemed so peaceful.  Hiking up Spencer Butte this morning, the misty fog wrapped around the trees in a thick blanket, almost protecting them from the rays of sun piercing through.  Standing alone on the trail, I felt small and insignificant compared to the nature surrounding me.  By the time I reached the summit, icicles had attached themselves to the rocks and my feet kept slipping down as I was trying to climb up.  I felt alive and determined to get to the top.  I hadn’t noticed that the fog had traveled with me along my short journey.  It was making its way to the tops of the trees now, moving faster toward the sky.  As I jogged back down the trail, the sun now glistened over the forest as if to say “Hey hikers, look what I helped create!”  Most of the branches were coated with a bright wispy green moss, inspiring me to wear my brightest colored shirt today. Hey, if I can’t be a tree at least I can be influenced by one.


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